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Andrade vs Sulecki this Saturday

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--- Fast Eddie laying it on thick with androgynous first ever hometown fight. Hey, Eddie, he never fought there because nobody knows are cares about him.


After Sulekis Rosado disaster, I figure Andryonous to carefully tap dance to a decision. Good news is Mighty Joe Parker back against Leapi who is prob not a threat but always comes to fight.



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Re: Andrade vs Sulecki this Saturday


I hate Andrade, nobody would pay to watch him on a PPV card. He's just such a pussy, he has the punch but too often he just settles for outboxing his man and doesn't have the guts to pull the trigger. And sometimes he just isn't able to.

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Re: Andrade vs Sulecki this Saturday


Andrade's been off my radar for so long, I didn't even know he was still fighting.

I once thought he was a guaranteed future elite.


Remember years ago, when the networks literally warned him that he was too boring to be broadcast?

I recall him getting a lot more aggressive after that. I remember distinctly two very exciting performances, against Brian Rose & then later Willie Nelson Jr.


- But after that, WTF happened? All of boxing's nobody's must have got together, and lined up in front of his manager's door.

It doesn't say much for a fighter when Sulecki is a major step UP.





Say... how about Andrade vs Munguai? That would be a fascinating clash of styles.

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