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Sunday Vegas Report: Charlo and Rigondeaux Fights

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Re: Sunday Vegas Report: Charlo and Rigondeaux Fights


--- Perusing the boxing social media, 2 things standout in the Rigo/Ceja fight.


1-Ceja was up at the 6 count so of course negative feedback over the stoppage.

2- Ceja well up on the cards


Rigomortis shot enough to be kicked down the road for his final cash out?




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Re: Sunday Vegas Report: Charlo and Rigondeaux Fights


Not a bad card for a Sunday night.


My opinion was that the Cota stoppage was late and the Ceja stoppage was premature. Rigo gave us toe to toe action for the whole fight and didn't look to spoil and do what got him kicked off HBO a few years back, was a good fight, plenty of leather flying and credit to Ceja who came to win unlike Cota although to be fair he only had 3 weeks notice so credit to him for stepping in and saving the day.


I see Robert Byrd was back in action a week after his howlers in Latvia :haha:. He oversaw Spencer vs Black and managed to not steal the spotlight, what a good scrap that was too, Spencer looked as if he had heart problems in the 3rd, he'd never been there before but now he's come through the crisis and that's the main thing.


I didn't score any of this weekends fights but 59-55 on all three cards in favour of Spencer was an absolute disgrace. Black might as well not even have bothered and stunk the place out, at least he wouldn't have taken much damage and he would only have been a point worse off on the cards. That's incredibly disheartening for these young fighters, he goes in there gives it his all, clearly wins more than 1 round and leaves with nothing but a kick in the balls.

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