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Lookout for these bouts in June!


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It is the raw energy that runs through the body of a boxer, past his hands, and onto the face of his opponent that makes boxing a sport like no other. There is undoubtedly a death-defying factor to boxing, but when combined with stamina, strength, talent, and tactics, it becomes one of the most passionately followed sports ever.


With matches taking place throughout the year, fans and punters have ample opportunity to partake in the excitement that revolves around boxing. Furthermore, more fights mean more chances of making significant profits. Because boxing is an individual sport, it is comparatively easy to analyse the boxers and make an informed bet when the time comes. Interested punters should visit site Freebets to make the most of the offers that leading bookies give out to their customers that act as the perfect icing on the cake that is a successful winning bet.



Come June, and there are quite a few bouts in the cards that promise to be thrilling and exciting to watch. For punters, right now is the perfect opportunity to place advance bets and cash in on those joining bonuses to be in the lead even before the first punch.

Warrington Vs Galahad


Warrington, unbeaten in 28 fights, will defend his IBF Featherweight title against Galahad on June 16, 2019. Warrington has been making news in the boxing circuit with many naysayers now claiming that he can beat just about anyone. His opponent, on the other hand, is not far behind with an unbeaten record of 26 fights and has a lot to prove coming back from his two-year doping ban reduced to six months. When looking at any bout, a punter should focus on every aspect of the fight, from the type of gloves the contenders are wearing to the location of the match, and, of course, the past performances of the players. Warrington is a favourite with the bookmakers with 4/11 odds in comparison to the 28/11 odds for Galahad.



Fury Vs Schwarz


Boxing isn’t without its controversial decisions, and nothing least can be expected considering the passion that each punch carries with it. Tyson Fury returns for the first time in 2019 when he takes on Tom Schwarz at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas. However, it is his controversial draw against Deontay Wilder in December 2018 that has everyone talking, and wishing that a rematch is in the cards. Till then, on June 15, 2019, the undefeated 24-year-old Schwarz will fight as the underdog with 16/1 odds against the favourite Fury whom the bookies have at 1/33 odds.

Kovalev Vs Yarde


There’s been a lot of backwards and forwards with this fight, especially with the initial purse bet cancelled and new terms coming into effect. Now, it seems that the bout will take place in Russia on June 29, 2019, and will see the undefeated Yarde go for the WBO light heavyweight title held by Kovalev who has 28 KO wins under his belt. As for the bookies, Kovalev seems to be their favourite with 4/11 odds as compared to Yarde, listed at 2/1 odds.

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Re: Lookout for these bouts in June!


It's about time the pace picked up. 2019 had thus far been a pretty forgettable year aside from a few big upsets we've seen. Action has really been lacking for long periods.


When was the last decent fight / event held in the UK? I guess this could be a whole separate topic.


Anyway as for the bout above:


Fury vs Schwarz: Could there be another huge shock upset on the cards? It's really unlikely, and given the calibre of opponent I ain't sure how fired up or how much effort Fury will have put into camp. I think he needs a good, dangerous opponent for a Fury fight to be any decent, so I guess this goes a similar way to most where he cruises to a points win. Possibly a stoppage late on if Schwarz is lardy, tiring and his face starts cutting up or something.


Warrington vs Galahad: I'm really unsure how competitive this one might be? Galahad is still something of an unknown since he hasn't really faced anyone of any note.Warrington finally goes into a fight as favourite and we have seen how he can tough it out and simply outwork his opponents with that engine. I switch from thinking this could be a good clash of styles, but then I also think maybe Galahad is in over his head here and Warrington will easily outpoint him.


Kovalev vs Yarde: This is the most intriguing fight for me in a long while. Not many people think Yarde is ready for such a calibre opponent. A lot of people never gave him much of a chance of achieving anything anyway. But I think Yarde has so far just cruised in his domestic fights without having to put in much effort of what he's capable of. He can definitely punch, but we have only ever seen him in with guys who can't trouble him and crumbled under the pressure. We've seen AJ get backed up and put down when someone didn't wilt, and maybe Kovalev will be that man for Yarde. On the other hand, MAYBE Yarde is a talent, and he has the beating of Kovalev, who isn't getting any younger and we have seen him stopped previously by a puncher. Frank has rolled the dice here, similar to when Fury faceed Wilder and it might just pay off for Yarde, and Warren!

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