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The Other AJ-The Unbeaten Nigerian Olympian vs Turkish Counterpart

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Re: The Other AJ-The Unbeaten Nigerian Olympian vs Turkish Counterpart




Ajagba is destined for the trash heap of history. Fast hands, and always in shape, but that's literally all you can say about him.

Basic offense, crap defense, zero ring IQ..... And possibly even worse punch technique than Joe Joyce.


I'm quite interested in Ali Eren Demirezen, though. What little there is on YouTube shows a very tough, determined, aggressive in-fighter. Not unlike Joe Frasier, if my memory doesn't fail me. Also a bit like prime Golovkin, with that relentless, in-your-face stalking style.


He's a little basic, but his fundamentals look rock solid. Earmuffs defense, but he does the Tyson peekaboo thing, which allows him to have a tricky offense despite the earmuffs style.


He seems like one of those guys that doesn't do anything flashy, yet just gets the job done, fight after fight.

I think he'll take Ajagba out in the later rounds.

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