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Ring Tribute to Joe Louis

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--- Presumably most here know I'm an unabashed Joe Louis fan, so when a sweet tribute to Joe comes up, I gush:


The Ring Archives: Born on this day: Joe Louis - part one - The Ring


Lots of classic Ring covers tell the story as editor Doogie does a credible job in paying homage on Joes 105th year of his birth. A bonus in the commentary section, long time Ring critic/blowhard hoist upon his own petard name of Barley waxes hysteric over history he don't quite understand, the most grievous error being Joe didn't give a black contender a title shot until 1947.


This ignores that Joe gave former LH champ John Henry Lewis a title shot in 1939. Lewis was former only due to a bureaucratic snit fit between two boxing organizations that resulted in his strippage. John Henry aptly named had a record of 100-10-5 and never been KOed til Joe did it posthaste that would be John Henry's last bout.


I wrote my own tribute to Joe many years before. Google Bobby Mac and Joe Louis born on the 4th of July and voila, I laid out Joe in the full splendor of his life. As to the discrepancy of the birth dates, the 4th of July is American Independence Day and the day he made his pro boxing debut and name change debut from Joseph Louis Barrow to Joe Louis.


***Part 2 of the Ring tribute.


They musta swapped artists as these covers are sorta Nancy like:


The Ring Archives: Born on this day: Joe Louis – part two - The Ring

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