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Canelo Options

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--- Here's Fat Dans take on some Canelo options with an interesting tidbit of Usyk only holding 3 belts in spite of winning the WS tourney. He sure ain't targeting that other belt, and why should he?


Bigger fish for Usyk to fry at heavy. Who wants to fight another stinker/runner/nancy named BooBoo who has yet to come close to beating a top 10 fighter?


I say Golovkin been shooting off derogatories for Sept and Callum next whenever. Whatever you may say about Canelo, he always game for the biggest fight.


Biggest takeaways from Canelo's win against Jacobs, and what's next for the middleweight champion

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Re: Canelo Options


Well, Saul Alvarez is the number one middleweight in the world and the number one PPV attraction in the sport, replacing Floyd Mayweather (I know he's on DAZN now but you get the point) and so his options are numerous, let's explore them.


The obvious choice is to fight Andrade for the final piece of the heavyweight crown and cement his legacy by becoming the undisputed middleweight champion of the world.

Or, he could fight triple G again but then there's only monetary gain since he's 1-0-1 already so has no other reason to be fighting him again.

Or, he could return to 168 for a fight against Callum Smith or have it at a Caneloweight

Or, he could fight Hurd at 160, this is my second preferred option for Alvarez, after the unification fight. Canelo vs Hurd at 160? YES PLEASE! But would be better if Canelo and Hurd both first became undisputed in their weight classes though with Hurd fighting Williams next instead of Munguia and Harrison having to rematch Charlo first I understand that Hurd is further away than Canelo from achieving this feat


If Canelo makes a defence of the title next against someone in the top 15 who we've never heard of, that's OK with me too, he's earned that right.

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