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Home Boy Dropped 4x-Wins Decision

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Re: Home Boy Dropped 4x-Wins Decision


Without having watched it (which I haven't) it's impossible to say whether or not a robbery occurred because beyond the headlines I see that the fight was scored after 11 rounds and Nunez was dropped twice in one round as opposed to four times in seperate rounds.


Having said that I might have a problem with the two scores of 103-102 for Nunez, my maths say that Nunez could only have reached a maximum of 101 points UNLESS he dropped his opponent in some of the same rounds that he himself was dropped, if that happened then the scores might be OK but as I say, one would need to watch it to see as the article doesn't say whether or not Nunez scored any knockdowns of his own.


Sounds like a good fight though so if I can find it and I can find 33 mins I'll take a look.

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Re: Home Boy Dropped 4x-Wins Decision


--- The article doesn't say why it went 11 rds. I'll wait a few days before checking boxrec for an explanation if there is one.


The officials lost count and got in an extra rd before discovery? These guys ain't the brightest other than siphoning off monies that the fighters create by fighting.

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