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Thailand Yet Again - Shocking and Shameful


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Thailand Yet Again - Shocking and Shameful

Thais mourn boxer Anucha Thasako, 13, killed in fight - may he RIP


Follows this news; barely 10 days old:

Muay Thai fighter Christian Daghio dies following final round KO during WBC title fight against Don Pareuang in Bangkok

Full story

The death of a 13-year-old boy who was knocked out in a Thai boxing match has led to renewed pressure on Thailand to ban children from boxing bouts. Anucha Thasako was pronounced dead from a brain haemorrhage two days after he fought in the charity match.


He had taken part in 170 fights since the age of eight to help raise money for his family, reports say. The Thai parliament is reviewing legislation that would ban children under 12 from boxing matches.


Thai boxing, or Muay Thai as it is also called, is hugely popular in the country, where thousands of young fighters and their families see it as a way of earning money. But there are few rules governing the sport and some people oppose proposed laws to protect young fighters, saying they are part of the country's boxing tradition.




Source & full story: BBC UK News



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Re: Thailand Yet Again - Shocking and Shameful


--- Which is more dispicable, children fightin in the streets where their ganged up on or in the ring where they at least earn money for their families already lacking so many necessities?


The fights will just move underground. Manny grew up in such a culture and appeared on a few muy Thai cards over there.

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