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UFC's Bas Rutten brings bareknucks to PPV!


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Re: UFC's Bas Rutten brings bareknucks to PPV!


--- BTW, Bas compiled an incredible MMA record and was probably the best striker of the bunch until UFC fighters started to catch on more to boxing, and Bas was partially self taught in the totality of his skills!



He seems a rather easy chap to get along with, but his brawls outside of boxing, principally in bars where tough guys want to challenge him are legendary. I would rather bank of fleeing for my life rather than have to face this.






Went into kick boxing as a 20 year old and went 14-2, 14 KO!



Recruited into the Japanese Pancrase League as a raw rookie, the precursor to MMA and UFC, and promptly rose to the top enough to be considered the best ever.



Then recruited into the MMA/UFC leagues where his record is a stellar 28-4-1 with 12 TKOs, 13 submissions, and 4 decisions with his 4 losses being by 3 submissions and 1 decision, where again he was a novice learning on the fly against the cream of the experienced fighters.



Then he moved into Japanese wrestling for his "elder" years.



Wow, and so many other accolades and certifications, that if anyone can turn bareknucks into the newest combat sport darling, it has to be him. Good Luck!

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