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Not sure if anyone can help but I have a pair of boxing gloves signed by the following boxers/promoters back in the late 70's or early 80's, and I want to know where these gloves might have been signed if possible.


I would like to send an email to each of the boxers asking them if they remember a time when they were at an event (with the other listed boxers/promoters) where Muhammad Ali was also in attendance.

May have been an Ali exhibition or dinner.


It has been suggested that the gloves were possibly signed in 1977 at a dinner in the West End (London) in honour of Ali, organised by a guy called Peter Shaw (Not the footballer).


These are the names I have who I know, or believe are still alive:


Maurice Hope

John L Gardner

Jim Watt

Clarence Hill

Alan Minter

Cornelius Boza-Edwards

David 'Boy' Green

Jimmy Batten (Already contacted)


Names of those who signed the gloves but are now deceased:


Muhammad Ali

Micky Duff

Al Phillips

Mike Barrett

Kenneth Wolstenholme - Sports Commentator


If anyone can help with contact details of any of the boxers/promoters who are still alive I would be very grateful.


Kind regards,


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