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Dorticos v Masternak / Rodriguez v Moloney [SPOILERS]


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Such an exciting night of boxing it was. Both fights had lot of action and were very close. I actually scored these two 114-114. Dorticos was whipping Masternak with those power punches in rounds 2 and 3, but Pole came back impressively in rounds 4-6 and I had it a draw after the first half. Dorticos hurt Masternak again in the 7th and rounds 8-11 looked like a war. I had Dorticos one point ahead coming in to the last round, but Masternak pushed the action and evened this on my scorecard. The judges turned the scorecards of 115-113,115-113 and 116-112 for the Dorticos who may have earned the edge by scoring the most telling blows of the fight.


Rodriguez looked very confident through most of the fight against Jason Moloney, who has focused on countering opponent's shots. The Champ failed to push the action in some of the rounds and Moloney may've picked some closer ones with his flush power shots in the latter parts of the rounds. I had it 87-84 for Rodriguez after 9 rounds, but Moloney pushed the action in the last three and made it just a split decision win for the Puerto Rican. Nothing really impressive from Rodriguez. He looked far more dominant in the previous fight. I've thought that he may be a tough challenge for Inoue, but I have doubts after seeing this one. Moloney was underrated, though. He's a very skillful guy. Clearly a top 10 of the division.

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