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Daniel Dubois - Rate his Johnson performance


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I really wish Kevin 'The walking punchbag' Johnson would retire. At 39-years-old it's not healthy taking shot after shot and he's offering very little in offence


I thought Dubois would of got the stoppage. At times I felt he was getting to close to Johnson, and Johnson being on the ropes was helping him survive.


At 21 he's got a lot to learn and I don't think Warren will be in any rush to push him against higher rated fighters.


How did you guys rate his performance?

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Re: Daniel Dubois - Rate his Johnson performance


Tough one because Johnson was there only to get hit. He didn't provide anything at all to test Dubois, so it was a pointless spar in the end.


I thought after a round it was gonna end soon within 1 or 2 more, but I'm not sure if Dubois just wasn't good enough to land the more telling blows to get him out of there, or Johnson was just tough enough to weather it?


Was just a heavybag session in the end and really Dubois should have got rid of him, even at this early stage of his career.


He's learning, and has a way to go. I think this fight will put the brakes on his progress, especially for cautious Frank Warren who won't want to risk him with anyone dangerous for a while yet.


There has been talk of him vs Gorman, but I don't think Warren would fancy that after the weekends performance.

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Re: Daniel Dubois - Rate his Johnson performance


Well let's take a look at who else couldn't get a younger, closer to his prime Johnson out of there.


Vitali Klitschko

Tyson Fury

Dereck Chisora

Kubrat Pulev

Manuel Charr

Christian Hammer


So after just 9 fights I'm not concerned, I was happy with Dubois' performance, he won every round and despite not taking much back I thought he still showed that his engine was good. Shot selection was good and if Johnson tried to fight back he would have been knocked out but he didn't come to do that, survival was the only thing on his mind.


As a sidenote I don't think Johnson should have been stopped vs Joshua when he was, that is, I thought there was more reason to stop it in the previous round, the actual stoppage looked a bit like the Takam one to me.

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