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Srisatek Sor Rungvisai v Iran Diaz controversies [SPOILER]


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Well, this will be probably relatively unnoticed as on the paper it looks like an easy night for Rungvisai, but it's worth of comment. No question that Rungvisai dominated this fight and Diaz looked like a clown acting like he has just been robbed, but you should look closely at two moments of the fight.


First one -> 32:34

Second one -> 36:23



Jay Nady didn't count Rugvisai in either round eight or nine! I think these are pretty clear knockdowns! Especially the second one was probably caused mostly by a slip, but if the punch caused the action in the first place, it should be a count.


Overall, I'm not satisfied with this performance by the Thai fighter. Iran Diaz only decent wins are over the past prime Luis Concepcion and Herman Marquez and he was KOd by Oubaali and Navarette. Rungvisai battered the Mexican fighter, but failed to even drop him and he should lose two rounds 10-8 in my opinion. It wouldn't look too impressive. Jay Nady clealry helped Rungvisai in these two situations.

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Re: Srisatek Sor Rungvisai v Iran Diaz controversies



--- Nady missed MAB walking JMM into textbook right hand counter, dropping him to his knees.


Seconds passed and no Nady count, so MAB gave him a slap that finally spurred nady's prompt deduction of a point instead of a 10-8 rd for MAB.


been past his prime for years now, but note the video don't show footwork that is key, but yeah, looks like Sis got dropped twice, but did he really?

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