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When the judges' decision gets overturned


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It's often said that when the judges get the decision wrong, nothing can be done except of the rematch. This is not true, though. I'm aware of few cases when the verdict was overturned!


2015-08-29 in Hongkong - Kerry Hope v Poomarase Yoohanngoh


Original decision : split decision draw (113-115, 114-114, 117-111). After the complaint from the camp of the British fighter WBC got two different judges to score this fight instead of those who had it against Hope. The official result is now an unanimous decision with three judges scoring it 117-111 for Hope.


2017-04-09 in Nalchik, Russia - Viskhan Murzabekov v Aram Amirkhanyan


Original decision: split decision win for Murzabekov. Upon the review changed to unanimous win for Amirkhanyan.


2018-07-27 in Flemington, Australia - Sam Soliman v Tej Pratap Singh

Original decision: majority decision win for Soliman (98-90,96-92,94-94). Referee reportedly ignored Soliman's fouls as well as two proper knockdowns caused by Singh. Upon the review changed to No Contest.


Are you aware of any other cases of the judges' decision being overturned?

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Re: When the judges' decision gets overturned


--- Very rare for commish or orgs to rule against judges or ref, case in point being PAC/Bradley 1.


wbo rescored the fight a wide UD for PAC, but had no authority to actually change the decision. A notable ref decision overturned was Dawson tko of Popkins in the first fight to nc. Plenty of drug testing snafus result in nc, but not all. Go figure since nobody can as to any rhyme or reason of how boxing operates.

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