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Dorticos returns 20 October


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Re: Dorticos returns 20 October


Masternak looked flawless against Kalenga. Year ago, I'd favor Dorticos by a considerable margin, but now it's 50/50 to me. I think that Masternak may finally be on the right track as he's very talented, but lacked strategy and workrate in some of his fights. I think that there's no shame in his losses against Drozd and Bellew, but he obviously disappointed in the first one against Kalenga. It's hard for me to take his loss against Muller seriously as they screwed him big in this one. One of the most impudent robberies ever. Dorticos has great physical conditions and punching power, but apart from that, I don't see him as having any serious advantage over Masternak. I understand why a lot of people will see him as a big favorite, though.

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