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Mayweather set to return against McGregor?


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Whenever there is a big fight in boxing, people take notice. This weekend in Las Vegas, middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin will go to war a second time with Canelo Alvarez. The two men fought to a draw one year ago, in controversial fashion, and there matchup is once again headed to HBO pay per view.


It’s hard for me to look at this rematch, as great as it may be, without pondering what happened a year ago. In late August, about three weeks before the first Canelo vs. Golovkin fight, Floyd Mayweather ended his retirement by returning to face UFC superstar Conor McGregor in a pay per view that reportedly generated over four million buys, the second most of all time compared to Mayweather’s fight with Manny Pacquiao.


The world definitely took notice of the crossover appeal between boxing and MMA, seeing each sport’s biggest star put it all on the line. The match not only took away some pre-fight hype from the Golovkin vs. Alvarez fight, it also cemented Mayweather’s legacy at 50-0 (27 KO’s) as he was able to get past a slow start and stop McGregor in the 10th round.


Mayweather reportedly made in excess of nine figures for that fight, and there were rumors that a rematch would sell just as well, especially if Mayweather were to step into the Octagon next himself.


Is this something Mayweather will still consider? At 41 years old he has been busy traveling the world, promoting his strip club, going to his “TMT” fighters’ fights, and just simply enjoying the fruits of his labor.


But it’s not without reason why Floyd may be itching for a return, for a few reasons.




Mayweather used to be called “Pretty Boy” and later changed his name to “Money”, a moniker that fits him well. Having reportedly generated over a billion dollars throughout his career, a second go-round with McGregor would give Mayweather even more incentive to return and collect another big payday.


A Different Kind of Legacy


If Mayweather were to face McGregor again, there’s no secret the Irishman, and many others, would motion for him to step inside of the Octagon, as McGregor was able to step away from his comfort zone and enter a boxing ring when they fought. And, even if Mayweather were to accept the challenge and somehow lose, it wouldn’t be a blemish on his boxing record at all. Instead he would still be remembered as having a perfect ring record while later defying odds and stepping into the Octagon to pursue even more cash. Win or lose, it’s a bold statement, and one that no other fighter has really done.


The Spotlight


No fighter will ever truly admit how much they love their craft and just how hard it is to walk away from this game. When fights like Alvarez vs. Golovkin II roll around, the public gets excited and surely Mayweather may be having his eye on the festivities this weekend. These events only further peak Mayweather’s interest, as it reminds him of the days when he was the headlining pay per view king of the sport. The rush and thrill of the spotlight may just be enough to lure Floyd back.

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Re: Mayweather set to return against McGregor?


--- Well, just a few days ago he said he was fighting Manny this Dec 9th, so tragically for him, he's like the kid who never grew up and in constant need of the sycophants around him to gratify his every whim.


His little buddies Boner and Davis in the news for drunken disturbances, his Money van shot up pretty good in Atlanta, and so on and so forth. Can't see a good ending, but like Frank Sinatra used to croon, he "did it my way."

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