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WBSS to feature cruiserweights for the second time


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It's now confirmed that we're going to see another WBSS cruiserweight tournament in this year, as bantamweight and light middleweight brackets were announced earlier.


Here are the fights:


Mairis Briedis v Noel Gevor

Yunier Dorticos v Mateusz Masternak

Krzysztof Głowacki v Maxim Vlasov

Ruslan Fayfer v Andrew Tabiti


I think that the matches look competitive and I don't see a clear favorite in any of these bouts, except of Briedis v Gevor. It looks to me like the Latvian seems to be also a favorite to win the whole thing. I like the presence of Andrew Tabiti. We're also going to see two Russians: undefeated and untested Fayfer, as well as more experienced Maxim Vlasov who has a nice win streak as a cruiserweight. Two Poles, Głowacki and Masternak are also in the tournament. Głowacki's shape after the fight against Usyk is kind of questionable, but we can't cross him out. Masternak is very talented, but he used to make huge tactical mistakes in his biggest fights. His last win against Kalenga is his most impressive one. If he fights as good against Dorticos, I think he has a chance, but the Cuban's going to be a favorite. Noel Gevor's biggest wins are against Isiah Thomas and Stephen Simmons, which doesn't look too impressive. You can make a strong case that he beat Włodarczyk, though.

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Re: WBSS to feature cruiserweights for the second time


--- the last tourney took, what 2-3 years?


after Bellew there won't be any lucre left for him. I figure he could beat Knownacki or Martin fairly easy today. If Usyk has a weakness it's being too leg dependent. Injuring a leg during a bout would force him into an up close and personal slug out he's not used to. Still, the siren calls of heavy beckon starting in 2019.

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Re: WBSS to feature cruiserweights for the second time


Less than 12 months, actually... Technically - He could fight Bellew, Lebedev - and stay for fight with winner of WBSS II.


I think Usyk can fight flat-footed too, if he chooses. Not sure what fight it was, I believe Venter - for late stages of the fight he was more flat-footed, pressing action - and looked very strong and imposing. He's great athlethe, he can do many things imo.


Indeed, he's done that quite a few times in the past. I think he's able to change styles significantly based on the opponent.

Either that, or he's gotten a bit overly-careful as he stepped up to more dangerous guys.

Most likely the former.

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