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"The Contender" returns, Aug. 24th !


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This looks promising:



I can't get the url to post correctly, so just Google it.


16 MW "prospects", battling it out.




Highlights from the WBN article:


"...12-episode season will premiere on EPIX on Aug. 24, 2018 at 10 PM ET/PT.Hosted by Andre Ward, the ... competitive documentary series will feature 16 fighters.....

The fighters will be overseen by legendary boxing coach Freddie Roach, and renowned Philadelphia trainer Naazim Richardson.


Many names you won't recognize, and a few have less than amazing records, but some of these guys have very respectable records:

Khytrov's in there, & Lamar Russ, plus Mosley Jr & The Hawk's kid.

Quatavious Cash is undefeated, and was a 4-time Golden Gloves champ.

Gerald Sherrell is also undefeated, and only 24 y-o.

Malcolm McAllister 9 (8) -1, and his only loss was to undefeated Chordale Booker.

It seems like some of the others are decent fighters with one last chance.


Could be very tasty, if the judging and refs are legit.


We need this kind of thing in every division.

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Re: "The Contender" returns, Aug. 24th !


My only fear is that this whole thing could just be a set-up, to revive the undeserving career of khytrov, via safe opponents and gift TKO's / decisions.


Like I said, "Could be very tasty, if the judging and refs are legit."



Some of these older guys probably already have losses that they didn't deserve. It would suck to end their careers with more of the same.


Fingers crossed.....

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Re: "The Contender" returns, Aug. 24th !


Few names on there to look for. Brandon Adams was the runner up on both ESPN Boxcino tournaments. He lost to Willie Monroe and John Thompson (also gonna be on the Contender). Thompson lost a title eliminator to Liam Smith. You got Tyrone Brunson, who made a name of himself by knocking out i believe it was 21 opponents to start his career. Kind of flamed out a bit when he stepped up the opposition. He did beat Kermit Cintron within the last year. I'm still convinced Khytrov will be a contender, title challenger. Mosley Jr is trash. Never thought much of him as a prospect, he's just a name.


Hopefully they don't have sound effects on the punches, and show the fights in their entirety.

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