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Martin Stensky - Indefinitely Suspended!


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The world of boxing received terrible news this past month.


Everyone's favorite "designated loser" Martin Stensky (AKA "The Stench") (AKA "The hardest working man in blow business) has been indefinitely suspended by both Bund Deutscher Faustkaempfer and Bund Deutscher Berufsboxer. - that's a lotta' bund!




I guess they figured that 3 wins / 44 losses (43 by KO) is enough.



The Stench had only three bouts so far this year, but I had no doubt he could equal or exceed his 2017 total of 5.

(and OMG, he actually had a win in 2017!)


But sadly, his long run may have come to an end. We may never see the much-anticipated showdown between Stensky & his arch-rival, Dusitn Nichols. Stensky leaves behind a record that, unlike the man himself, may never be beaten.



Poor Martin. I guess he'll finally have to become a brain surgeon, after all.

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Re: Martin Stensky - Indefinitely Suspended!


To clarify, I keep seeing "suspended indefinitely" note on the Boxrec's pages of a lot of active boxers. It probably means that he has been suspended, but there's no info for how long, rather than suspended "forever". "Stench" will probably fight on the German rings again ;-)

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