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George Chuvalo's Best

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--- Always gave George a lotta credit for his very underrated style that gave Ali hell. Has some interesting perspective on what is now known as the golden era of heavies including the BBbc fighters.


Tragic life story almost reads like a war zone. I know he's got an autobio out there somewhere, so I'm gonna see if I can drum it up.


Best I've Faced: George Chuvalo - The Ring

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Re: George Chuvalo's Best


I was thrilled to see him name Mike DeJohn as one of the hardest punchers he's faced. I done a thread on the guy, remember? ;-) I thought how come he wasn't more famous...he deserves more credit. Anyway, George...a great man, a great warrior and a true inspiration and role model. I love you! Knowing that we share the same ethnicity makes him even greater to me, ofc. ::hug:

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