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SMW Division - what to expect by year's end?


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I was thinking about Gilberto Ramirez, and what his next big fight might be.

As you know,, he tried to fight Golovkin, but Little G was afraid to do it.

He's got Angulo on the 30th, of course.

After that, I imagine he'll get a shot at the winner of the Super Series.

Otherwise, I'd LOVE to see him face Benavidez. Those two could well set a record for total number of punches landed in a SMW bout.

But Benavidez hasn't fought since Feb, and has nothing scheduled, which is a bit odd given that his best options will all be unavailable until early winter, at best. So what the heck is on the table for David?



So much talent in the division right now, but all dressed up and no place to go.

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Re: SMW Division - what to expect by year's end?


Frankly, they go on my nerves, the super mw's...always thought that division got more attention than it deserved, no different now. THEY got the super series, despite the fact that the light heavies are right now a better division. That just pissed me off. A lot of overrated fighters, not least some of those who took part there. And some underachievers as well.

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