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The Holmes vs Cooney Scoring Updated:

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The Holmes vs Cooney Scoring Updated:


This the link to my main page featuring the above/\


Two of the official scores at the time of the 13th round stoppage were very close, 111-113 Holmes heavily bolstered with to Holmes favor by 3 low blow deductions by Cooney. I remember the fight as a good competitive fight of rivals back in the day, I had Cooney mostly outboxing and out fighting Holmes in spite of his early KD. I've been challenged over the years over these quite obvious observations that Holmes needed the KO to salvage the decision absent the Low Blow point deductions, so I reviewed the fight and scored it according to modern scoring methodology with my own modification of scoring even rounds that usually go to the hometown/big money fighter. Maybe Ton can include some of these historic fights on his Fightscore website for some additional scoring input.


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