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Trump Pardons Jack Johnson

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--- A sleazier cast of characters seldom seen all lined up for a smarmy self congratulatory photo prop:




That's from left to right, Trump's sleazy son in law having been investigated and found sorely wanting but still a presidential adviser. Next is Johnson's great great lardedlump of a niece always crying about growing up thinking Johnson was a criminal even though he only served a year in prison on a felony charge of transporting money across state lines to set up his former GF in a whorehouse that he reaped the profits from. He admitted to the charges in court, even bragging about the money he was making, outrageous small fortunes as he had a similar operation in Chicago. The transcripts can be found with a little effort.


Next is Dearest Deyonce who probably trying to get in good with the Prez in case he needs a pardon from his many violent assaults, the last one being the one on Breazeale and his wife and preschool son by his gang in Alabama. Next is The Rump hisself, then some sleazy looking guy probably in boxing. Next is Rocky Steroid Stallone perhaps needing a pardon also for PEDs paraphernalia that he's been busted with previous. Next is Lennox looking fondly upon the WBC belt he vacated days before he was due to be stripped by not fighting the Vitali mandatory rematch. Next to him is the larded lump too big for the pic of WBC El Puerco for Life Jose can you say son of daddy Suliaman.


There must be 500 men and women serving time in the pen due to the injustice of justice, but hey, ho, our future Nobel Peace Prize prez, our future IBHOF Prez, our Civil Rights Prez, our Women's Rights Prez, our White Supremists Prez, and all around hunky dory hubba-hubba Prez


All while continuing the true crimes of bombing poor third world countries like Syria and Afghanistan in our implementation of our 100 year war of Islamic Reformation.


Meanwhile, back at the pass our Tabloid Press having a field day with their saccharine civil right history revision completely ignoring the actual history that the Mann Law under which he was convicted was primarily used on prominent white men in the day, not prominent black men. Johnson made hisself so conspicuous that authorities had to act...DUH!

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