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Rey Vargas v Azat Hovhannisyan + Sadam Ali v Jaime Munguia result [SPOILER]


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Just've watched this card. This went relatively unnoticed because of the Loma v Linares clash.


First of all, I don't get how the judges had Vargas v Hovhannisyan so wide (118-110, 117-111, 116-112). I scored it 115-114 for Vargas (no 3rd round in the file, so 10-10). Hovhannisyan scored more telling blows and wasn't severly outlanded by the Mexican. It wouldn't be too harsh for Vargas if he lost the title that night.


Jaime Munguia looked amazing, especially when we consider that he took the fight on the short notice. He has some flaws in the defense, but the power is great. He already wants to go up in the middleweight division. It'd be hard for him to stay in the super welterweight with this size.

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Re: Rey Vargas v Azat Hovhannisyan + Sadam Ali v Jaime Munguia result



Munguai will likely continue to be fearsome as long as he can make the weigh ins, and at 21 years old, he probably can do it for a few years at least.

He also has talent, no doubt. Good use of body shots, patience under fire, and quite decent ring generalship.


However, as Pittbox noted, his defense looks a bit suspect. I think he's very lucky that he lost the chance to face Golovkin.


If he doesn't get a big head, works hard in the gym, and has the right trainer, then of course he could become the real deal in time. Right now I'm not completely sold.

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