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WBC Invitiational Tournament in Louisville [SPOILERS]


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Have you watched it? The tournament looked quite interesting on the paper. It also marked some innovations, such as the use of five judges, instant replays and reform of the scoring criteria (more emphasis on clean punching).


In the alternate bout Sergey Lubkovich beat Karim Mayfield 4:1. I didn't watch this one, so I have nothing to describe.


Brad Solomon beat Paddy Galaher 4:1. Fighter from Belfast started the fight very well, but Solomon edged it in the second half of the fight. I still had it 95-94 for Gallaher, though. Fight that could go either way.


Frederic Lawson unanimously beat Baishanbo Nasiyiwula. It was a competitive, but rather dull fight with Lawson being slightly more active. I had it 97-93 for Ghanese, but I didn't watch it too carefully.


Chris Van Heerden won against Timo Schwarzkopf by the unanimous decision. It was a competitive fight with Van Heerden controlling most of the action. The German boxer surprisingly had his moments and landed some decent power punches. I had it 97-93 for the fighter from RSA.


Francisco Santana beat Felix Diaz in a shocker. Four judges had it for the Mexican and one had it even. Honestly, I don't agree with three judges having it 98-92. Diaz disappointed, but sill landed cleaner blows in rounds 2,4,5,7 and 10. Santana did enough to won rounds 1,3 (the closest one),6,8 and 9 on my card.


The semifinals are Chris Van Heerden v Frederic Lawson and Brad Solomon v Francisco Santana. Both fights look very competitive.


What to think about the changes in officiating? Five judges didn't do a lot to improve the scoring and I don't think it's any better than three officials. Instant replays is something that should certainly be implemented and it's good that we have it in this tournament. I'm also a supporter of implemented changes in scoring criteria, but it didn't work out. In Diaz v Santana fight it still looked like judges looked more on the "activity" compared to cleaner blows.

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