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[SPOILERS] Otto Wallin vs Adrien Granat.


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Surprised to see no discussion of this fight.


I'm only just watching it now, halfway through. A very intriguing fight bewtweentwo extremely athletic and skilled heavyweights. More tactical than rock 'em sock 'em, but in a good way. Granat is no pushover or cabby. Quite the opposite.

These guys move so well, it feels like a MW bout.

Wallin is one of my favorite HW prospects right now, and he's in with a fast, evidently well trained KO artist.

This is a serious test for Wallin. I'm not even sure he'll win this, though so far his defense has been excellent.

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Re: Otto Wallin vs Adrien Granat.


Ah, well, never mind.

The fight never really took off. Granat did better than the paid-for judges cards would indicate, but Wallin's defense held up.

Sadly, Wallin seemed content to just ride to a decision victory (no doubt knowing it was in the bag.) He's very good, but I think he just lost a fan.

Meanwhile, Adrian Grant shows a lot of promise. Although he missed a lot, he had some very nice moments, and he moves really well. Also, to be fair, he was in against a VERY gifted defensive fighter. Granat is now trained by Jonathan Banks. I wouldn't be surprised to see him recover from this and make some noise in the division.

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Re: Otto Wallin vs Adrien Granat.


WSMFC64 has kindly screencapped this entire card for us otherwise it would not be available anywhere else in the world. Not even on Youtube. Thanks Stan :thumb:


2018-04-21 Otto Wallin vs Adrian Granat 12 Rounds (European Union Heavyweight Title)




Or full card available HERE (split into indiv bouts):


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