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Amnat fails to make weight for bout against Nawaphon!

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Tomorrow fight fans in Thailand will see former IBF Flyweight champion Amnat Ruenroeng (18-2, 6) [อำนาจ รื่นเริง] battle against former WBC Flyweight title contender Nawaphon Por Chokchai (40-1, 32) [นวพล นครหลวงโปรโมชั่น]. The bout is one of the most anticipated All-Thai bouts in years and looks like it will be a really good match up.


Today the two men took part in their weigh in and unfortunately Amnat actually failed to make the weight for bout, coming in at 117lbs for a bout at a contracted 115lbs. Despite beign over-weight the bout will go on, however Amant is not eligible to win the WBC Asian Boxing Council Continental Super Flyweight Title, which Nawaphon will be defending.


As for the champion he was 115lbs, and will be able to record a succesful defense of the title here, if he wins, however if he loses the title will be come vacant.


For those wanting to watch the bout it will be televised on Workpoint, channel 23, in Thailand.


Strangely interesting match up this one

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Re: Amnat fails to make weight for bout against Nawaphon!




Great fight, but I don't understand Amnat's strategy. He appeared as much more skilled in the 1st round, 2nd round was close, but Nawaphon landed more telling blows in next two rounds. Amnat had a decent opening of the 5th round, but got KOd by Nawaphon's flurry at the end. I don't feel like Amnat should fight at such a close distance with Nawaphon. He got some great jabs in the first round, but stopped using them later! In my opinion he should retire, especially because he absorbed a lot of hard shots today. I don't see him against any top boxer. He looks like he lost all his traits that let him beat Zou, Ioka, Arroyo or Fuentes.


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