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Hughie Fury vs. Alexander Ustinov


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Team Fury is trying to line up a world ranked opponent for unbeaten Hughie Fury (18-0, 10 KOs)


Contracts have gone out to WBA #5, WBO #5 rated Alexander Ustinov (33-1, 24 KOs).



Peter Fury @peterfury We not looking at world titles for Hughie. But good learning fights we not afraid of him mixing in the top ten. Ranking don’t matter.


Peter Fury @peterfury We now offered Ustinov ranked no 5 WBA WBO & contracts gone out. Frank Warren trying to make this happen. Awaiting news from Frank.


Peter Fury @peterfury As you know Fedisov asked for a price & was agreed. He’s ranked 7 WBA IBF. They declined.


What do you guys make of this potential match-up?

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Re: Hughie Fury vs. Alexander Ustinov


--- Ustinov was a very strong, dangerous opponent who seems to have gone independent of the usual Euro shady promoters and now can hardly get a fight these days.


I'd normally pick him to KO Hughie in a heartbeat, but could be he has physical ailments and may not be his usual strong self. Hard to say given his below radar profile, but then again this may be just a Fury press relief to get the other Fury back in the public memory, the Furious Two as it were.

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