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What made muhammed ali so brave


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Re: What made muhammed ali so brave


You could ask the same question of thousands of other boxers!

What about a guy that has no power, no skills, gets paid hardly money, gets KO'd lots of times, has had detached retina's or something similar, but gets into the ring against a much faster, much more powerful, much more skilful guy, who is virtually guaranteed to KO him. He is braver than a guy, who has won Olympic gold, has supreme confidence, the best training possible, all the best food, sparring partners, management etc etc etc. Vinny Pazienza was extremely brave. He was told he would never walk again. He came back to win a world title, and then went in the ring with one of the most highly rated boxers ever, who was also at his peak. Plus this was at supermiddle, whereas Vinny had once been a lightweight.

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