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Shingo Wake and "Team Spanky K" move towards world crown


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Earlier today in Japan fans saw talented Super Bantamweight Shingo Wake (20-4-2, 12) [和氣 慎吾] score his 10th straight win and move a step further to fighting for a world title, which is expected to now happen in the summer.


The fans saw Wake take care of Indonesian fighter Waldo Sabu (7-3, 2) with out too many worries in a dominating, though not completely fluent, performance. It also saw the re-uniting of "Team Spanky K". The trio of former world champion Katsuya Onizuka [鬼塚勝也], his trainer and Wake's mentor, Satoshi Koguchi [古口哲] and and Onizuka's former manager Tsurutaro Kataoka [片岡鶴太郎].


The "Team Spanky K" have now become part of "Team Wake" with the three hoping to guide Wake to a world title and use their knowledge, and experience together, to help the talented Okinawan southpaw.


Whilst three men are all adding their expertise to helping Wake they aren't the only members of team Wake, with Kyoei chairman Keiichiro Kanehira [金平桂一郎] reaffirming that Wake's next bout was likely to be world title bout, however whether he fights a for a vacant IBF title is yet to be determined. It seems likely that if there is a vacant title the bout will come in Japan, at a venue larger than the Korakuen Hall, however it's likely that if he faces a champion for the title than Wake will be travelling for his shot at the crown.



[h=2]Shingo Wake and "Team Spanky K" move towards world crown[/h]

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