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TV Schedule for Asian fights in February


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Over the last 24 hours we received a request for the details regarding televised cards in Asia over the coming weeks. Whilst not all details are available we have tried to list the most notable broadcasts, including channel, main bout and the local time. For those wondering about converting the times to their own times, we suggesting using google and working out the time difference.


February 4th-

​Knockout CP Freshmart Vs Carlos Buitrago II-CH 7 (13:45-16:45)

The first of the televised cards comes from Thailand this coming Thursday and will see Knockout CP Freshmart (11-0, 6) [น็อคเอาท์ ซีพีเฟรชมาร์ท] facing Nicaraguan Carlos Buitrago (28-1-1-1, 16) in a bout for the WBA Flyweight title. The bout will be aired on Channel 7 in Thailand with the broadcast set to be a monster 3 hour show.


Not only will the card feature the main event but the telecast is supposed to include Yodmongkol Vor Saengthep (37-3, 23) [ยอดมงคล ซีพีเฟรชมาร์ท], Panomroonglek Kaiyanghadaogym (47-2, 29) [พนมรุ้งเล็ก ไก่ย่างห้าดาวยิม] and Oleydong Sithsamerchai (58-1-1, 23) [โอเล่ห์ดง ซีพีเฟรชมาร์ท]


February 5th-

Stamp Kiatniwat Vs Gregorio Lebron II-CH 7 (14:00-16:00

For a second day running Thai fans get televised action with Stamp Kiatniwat (14-0, 6) [ขวัญไทย ศิษย์หมอเส็ง] defending the WBA "interim" Flyweight title against the man he beat for the belt, Gregorio Lebron (13-3, 11). This bout, will also be aired on Channel 7 in Thailand and is set to feature on a 2 hour telecast.


For fans of under-card the details on this card are scarce, though we do know that Chalermpol Singwancha (16-0, 12) [เฉลิมพล สิงห์วังชา] will be in action on the broadcast in what is likely to be a one sided mismatch.


Daud Yordan Vs Yoshitaka Kato-RCTI (21:00-23:00)

Also on February 5th is an Indonesian card set to be televised by RCTI. This card will see local star Daud Yordan (34-3-0-1, 24) battle against Japanese visitor Yoshitaka Kato (29-6-1, 9) [加藤善孝] in what could go down as an under-ground classic.



TV Information for Fights in February - Asian Boxing

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