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Former WBC champion to face APB champion on February 11th


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Eastern boxing can throw out some bizarre stories and peculiar match ups. We may have to go some way to beat the peculiarity of a bout set for February 11th in China between former WBC Minimumweighjt champion Xiong Zhao Zhong (26-6-1, 14) [熊朝忠] and APB champion Lu Bin [呂斌].


The bout, which was announced earlier this month, is an oddity in that pits "proper" professional fighters against someone from the very inclusive APB (Aiba Professional Boxing) system.


Interestingly the bout is one of two, that we know of, that will feature the collision of professional styles with the other being a bout between Xinghua Wang (12-13-1) [王興華] and Jiawei Zhang [張家瑋]


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