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Tyson V Witherspoon


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Now before all you young lads who don't know much about fighters from earlier periods, start laughing at this matchup, consider these things.

Witherspoon had massive managerial problems, and did not train properly very often. He had long periods of inactivity for the same reason, and it has been said that these managerial problems made him lose to Bonecrusher. He had soundly beaten him when they first fought, so it does make a lot of sense.

Ok Witherspoon beat a peak Tillis in one round. Tyson almost lost to a washed up Tillis.

Tim also had 15 round stamina, despite not looking in shape. Mike never had to fight for 15 rds.

Tim had an excellent chin and was a very underestimated boxer, having nearly KO'd Holmes and some feel that he should have won on points, after only 15 bouts and having not fought in almost a year. He was said to have been avoided by Tyson's handlers, suggesting that they saw, what I did, which was a very good chance of an upset.

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