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McAllister vows to defend Aberdeen's honour


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Aberdeen boxer Lee McAllister has upped the stakes before his Commonwealth lightweight bout after accusing opponent Charlie King of disrespecting his hometown.


The October 17 bout will see the ‘Aberdeen Assassin’ defend his title and the honour of the Granite City at Aberdeen’s Beach Ballroom against Motherwell-based King.


McAllister said: “He has been Mr Nice Guy when talking to people up here but in Glasgow and Motherwell he has been telling everyone who will listen what he is going to do to me and how Aberdeen is not a boxing town.


“He has been saying Aberdeen is a dump, the Ballroom is a joke and that he is getting in and then out again as soon as possible with the belt.


“He has been two-faced but that is fine – it means I can wipe the smiles off both of them.


“He will not know what has hit him when he steps into the ring at the Beach Ballroom.


“This place has the best atmosphere in Scotland and I do not care how many buses of supporters he brings up. My supporters are the best in the business and they will prove it again.


“I will show him what Aberdeen is all about. I will take great delight in knocking him out.”



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