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Forum members and mates alike,

Ask the Stars section is needing help with questions for the interviews.

It is not mandatory but graciously appreciated if you guys would devote a little time to helping the forum and RingNews24 with the interviews.

Take a second to research who it is we are interviewing and ask the ever important questions we as fans are always wanting to know.

Besides helping the forum and RingNews24 out, it helps build rapport with the boxers, org's, managers, etc.


Thanks in advance for your consideration and help in this matter.

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I think one problem with the "Ask the Star" section, is that we're flooding in and getting everyone at the same time.

I think it would be better to stagger them a bit and make it weekly or something if we can secure interviews as easily as it seems so far?

We're going to run out of people to speak to soon at this rate, and it's difficult to get questions posted in about a dozen topics a week for people.

If there were a few less people, you could take the time to find out a bit more about them and then make sure the questions are meaningful and more of the people on the site might get involved?

Just a thought, but this of course goes out of the window if we can get any more big names on.

It's maybe just a case of "take it while you can?"

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I agree with Brawler, we're probably doing too many and it's maybe making us think a bit more "generically" in coming up with questions. Perhaps a few less and a bit more time to do the questions. Right now, I think we're kind of like a Kid with a new Toy and we're playing with it too much and not getting everything we could out of it. I know, just speaking for myself, I've had a couple of examples of where the week after we've done a Ask the Stars I'll think of a question that I SHOULD have asked and been kicking myself. When you do too many of these, then we start asking the standard "Who was your biggest influence?"-type questions and that's not good.
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The idea i had at the start was to get many as we can on RN24, as a new site it would look good and get us the Google hits we need to get it off and running. So far we stand at 8 Interviews which in truth isn't a lot i don't think if you consider the time its been spanned across. I know what you mean about having more time to think of better and the quality of questions, but sometimes we don't have the time to do this. Generally we get a week before i send the questions in but i can maybe span that to 2 weeks, if that's any help?


As for getting to many at a time, i agree with this but i usually send out a few requests at one time as sometimes they don't even get back to and a lot of the time its about timing and luck. If i just sent out 2 or 3 requests and no one got back to us and that happened again we would be struggling to get interviews, so i do tend to send out 7,8,9 at once. Its a bit of a learning curve just now to learning who will say yes and who will say no ie. promoters,publicists,fighters etc.. But were learning and in the future we'll know who to ask and when etc and that will make us better organized


I think right now its a bit trial and error with the interviews and it will get better organized in the coming months.


I think one of the best ways to organize it is to add dates, i'm going to add dates just now so that the interviews are spread out more.

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