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A fight some are predicting to end by DQ?

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Luis Alberto Lazarte is a name not many boxing fans may be familiar with, at the very best he's the 3rd most famous active fighter from his homeland of Argentina (behind Sergio Martinez and Omar Andres Narvaez). Despite how little boxing fans may know about the 40 year old from Buenos Aires he's boxing's oldest active world champion. Lazarte currently holds the IBF Light Flyweight title, a title he won in one of 2010's forgotten upsets (Split Decision victory over Carlos Tamara) and is now making his 3rd title defence inside 12 months.


Although Lazarte is 40 years old and now a world champion his record reads a rather unimpressive 48-9-2-1 (18). His record on a fight by fight basis is bizarre to say the least. He has been disqualified 5 times (including an incredibly rare double disqualification) and won 1 bout by disqualification, he would lose 5 title fights before he finally won a title fight. Amazingly Lazarte has been disqualified in as many title fights as he's won.





Anyone seen their first fight? What a ****ing joke. Made the Ottke v Reid ref look good.

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Just gonna copy my post from Sherdog:








Solis won a split decision in a fight he appeared to dominate, how the referee (Benjy Esteves Jr) failed to deduct any points at all from Lazarte is a real mystery yet he managed to deduct one from Solis.


For those that didn't catch it live DO NOT bother to find it only, it'd be a waste of time. Lazarte spent the first 5 rounds running and the latter 7 bull rushing with low blows, rabbit punches. Solis seemed unwilling to engage too much knowing that what was coming back at it would be to the back of the neck or the nut sack. Really dreadful fight, awful refereeing and the judge who had Lazarte winning (114-113) needs a downright ban from the sport.

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