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Referee's Keeping scorecards.


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I was watching Benetiz vs Bruce Curry this morning and in between rounds three and four, Arthur Mercante was writing something on a card he produced from his back pocker.

I asked and donlevy said, "He was also judging that fight and the card he was writing on was his own scorecard that he was keeping.It's pretty rare now,but it used to be prretty common for referee's to split officiating the fight with scoring it. "


This of course is new to me.


iam... stated that, "I think Britains the biggest country that still has a referee doing scoring, think some other commonwealth countries might as well"



Was it beneficial to have such a scoring system? Why do certain countries follow the scoring protocol and others don't?

Curious as to what you think.

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I'm trying to remember which one but there's a LaMotta fight where the referee scores it by several rounds to the opponent but the judges have it completely different.


It's not the one but the decision against Villemain was loudly booed, might be the Hudson fight (the ref had it 55-45 Lamotta, not sure how the judges had it).

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