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Wilfredo Benetiz vs Floyd Mayweather


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three time/multi-division champion who defeated Roberto Duran.

Nicknamed ‘El Radar’ for his keen sense of dodging punches, he was arguably one of the greatest defensive/counter punching fighters of all-time.


I don't think it would have been boring match with two of the greatest counter punchers in the business.


Who wins and how?

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This is a tough one to call....lets have a closer look


I'm going to examine both boxers and see if I can work it logically (if thats possible)!!!!



5′ 10″


53-8-1 (31)


Mayweather Jr

5′ 8″


41-0-0 (25)




Wilfredo has the height, Mayweather has the reach so I would give Pretty boy the advantage if it was a pure boxing match. I think Floyd would have been quicker but would give Wilfredo the edge in power. Who had the better compettion well I would have to lean towards Wilfredo with his win over Roberto Duran, his loss against Sugar Ray Leonard and majority Decision loss to another great Thomas Hearns. Floyd's record of opponents just don't compare especially when you think De La Hoya only lost on a split decision to Pretty Boy and DLH was coming to the end of his career.


So putting all this in to account I would say Benitez wins this one on a unanimous decision.




Job Biscuit (Wow I liked that)!!!!



eh eh!!

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Tough fight. Benitez was a great talent but in his own words, he never took training seriously. That's one thing Floyd takes very seriously. Benitez beat some top talents like Maurice Hope and Roberto Duran but he did lose to Leonard and Hearns in his prime although to be fair that isn't such a big deal. I think Floyd might win this one as it's a close one to decide.
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