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Lewkowicz Responds to Dubious Panamanian Suspension


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On the surface, the accusations leveled against prominent boxing representative Sampson Lewkowicz seem substantive, but as the true story is told, as set forth below, it is nothing more than the story of a powerless third-world boxing commission being corrupted and influenced by a greedy television executive.


Earlier this week, the Panamanian Boxing Commission publicly declared Lewkowicz "Persona Non Grata" and stated that they "are prohibiting Mr. Lewkowicz (from having) any kind of relation or contact with this commission as well as with any Panamanian boxer since the relation will not be recognized" for a period of one (1) year, for what they say is allegedly threatening the management of WBA Bantamweight Champion Anselmo Moreno that their contract with Moreno would be terminated by the Commission for going against the interests of their represented boxer if they didn't persuade the fighter to sign a promotional agreement with Golden Boy Promotions by April 5.


These alleged threats are supposedly contained in a letter Lewkowicz sent to Jacques DesChamps which is attached in its entirety herein.


But now that Lewkowicz is coming forward with what really happened, the reality of the circumstances that led to this situation paint a distinctly different picture - one of corrupt political pressure possibly being wielded over a vulnerable boxing commissioner.


Read More: http://ringnews24.com//index.php/blog/35-demo-content/18521-lewkowicz-responds-to-dubious-panamanian-suspension-.html#ixzz1K6SgygzJ

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The WBA and Panama do seem to be having growing links so I would be amazed if Moreno keeps a hold of his title if he goes against the Panama commission. Remember this is the country that has the Concepcion v Ruiz fight, the Ouma v Golovkin one and has had Marquez v Concepcion all ready this year. It also ended last year with Denkaosan Kaovichit v Concepcion (lots of fighters with that name I see...) and Jones v Brudov. Also last year it hosted Moreno v Cermeno II, Golovkin v Nunez, Concepcion v Ortiz thats not a bad number of title fights considering the population. Approx population is just 3,405,813 (3 times that of Birmingham). Can you imagine the UK hosting 8 world title fights from 1 org in 13 months?...
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