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Gunboat Smith


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When coloured boxer Jack Johnson won the World Heavyweight Title from Tommy Burns in Australia in 1908, it started a race to find a white boxer to regain the title. In the early 1900s white people could not accept that a black man should hold the ultimate title of World Heavyweight Champion, so managers from around the globe went to work trying to find a white heavyweight to restore the Title to the white race.


Many managers came up with boxers from around the world, but most of them were easily exposed as useless inside the ring. And many of the hopefuls fell by the wayside very quickly, leaving only a few that might stand a chance of regaining the title to the white race.


Read More: http://ringnews24.com//index.php/history/18408-gunboat-smith.html



Written by the forums Dave Allen

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Very strange how his career hit a peak one year and completly nose dived the next.


Yep. Everything went downhill fast after the controversial loss to Carpentier.


Still, the guy was the legit #1 across the board at one point, with a heck of a lot of good wins.

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