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Muhammed Ali: Who is the greatest?


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Boxing most celebrated heavyweight champion has Parkinson’s disease. He has not been able to control and move his faculties right and can hardly utter a sentence for quite a number of years now due to his lingering illness. Muhammad Ali used to shout it out loud to the world over and over again, “I am the greatest!”


No he is not! There is only One who is the greatest and He is God Almighty. He makes the world go round. He directs histories and destinies of individuals and nations.


God’s every act is staggering from day one that He set foot on the planet and from everlasting to everlasting. He neither falters nor wobbles orchestrating the orbits and stars in space since the beginning of time and His movements never go wrong. God Almighty is steadfast. All of creation is at His command and life is in His hands.


Read More: http://ringnews24.com//index.php/history/18136-muhammad-ali-who-is-the-greatest.html#ixzz1K3lNgRIS

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Is this Valenzuela on drugs?


Apart from it is frankly wrong to try and force your beliefs onto anyone else, he is talking shit. The christian religion is in decline, it is Islam that is on the ascendency, and they only consider Jesus Christ to be a minor prophet. Plus if he thinks Lennon is forgotten he must be living in those clouds he keep looking up to in his search for his god.

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I don't believe in God. Science is far more believable, rational and trustworthy.


A deity who parades itself around (supposedly) with such human characteristics (jealousy, spite, murder etc) is not a God. If that is the sort of God you want to worship then shame on you.


As atheists often say: "If Jesus was around today, he would be atheist".

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