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Ricky Hatton offered Erik Morales fight


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Ricky Hatton has been offered a reported sum of $4 million (£2,465,000) in order to come out of retirement and face legendary Mexican brawler Erik Morales.


Hatton, who has not been inside the ring in a competitive capacity since being knocked out by Manny Pacquiao in May 2009, currently does not have a boxing licence. The Briton was stripped by the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBC) after a News of the World expose revealed drink and depression issues, but it is believed he would have no problems being reinstated.


"Ricky simply needs to reapply for his boxing licence in the normal way - to his local area council who will pass it on to the full board - and satisfy all the usual medical requirements," Robert Smith, general secretary of the BBBC, told The Times. "As long as he does I can't see there being a problem, since he has served his time."


The offer to fight Morales, a 34-year-old fans' favourite who recently took Marcos Maidana to 12 rounds, has been put on the table by Golden Boy Promotions president, Oscar de la Hoya, who met Hatton's camp at Saturday's fight between Amir Khan and Paul McCloskey.


"We have received the firm offer at the meeting with Oscar, now it's up to Ricky," said Gareth Williams, an executive of Hatton Promotions, in the Telegraph.


Morales' career is defined by great fights, most notably his trilogy with Marco Antonio Barrera, and he is the last man to hold a victory over Pacquiao. In defeat to Maidana, the Mexican battled on for 12 rounds despite having one eye closed over for almost the entire fight, and De la Hoya believes a bout with Hatton would be a classic.


"Ricky against Morales would be a wonderful fight in Las Vegas," De La Hoya said. "Two real legends of the sport meeting. Fight fans all round the world would want to see that.


"Morales showed the way it can be done. He was retired, he was away for three years, but he came back with a plan and had three fights before he took on Maidana. Morales put in a beautiful performance.


"Nobody believed he could do what he did and if Morales can do it so can Ricky. Morales showed that if you have the talent you can still do it. If Ricky still has that dream, we can help him with it."




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While I enjoy to watch Hatton fight, it was clear that his punch resistance is shot in his last couple of outings.

Another couple of years out and this one is a non-starter.

Many people thought the same about Morales though, I guess...


I thought Morales was shot then he pulled out that performance. I would like Hatton to give it one more go. He got knocked out badly by Pacquiao but apparantly the prep was terrible. He has only lost to the very best in there prime Mayweather and Pacquiao.


Morales fight is a good fight.

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Ricky was always a bit heavier than was Morales, and when both were active I never really considered this fight as a possibility. Now that Hatton has been retired for some time and more importantly has had his outside the Ring difficulties, I'd like to see him keep focusing on Promoting unless he REALLY needs the money. At this point, the Loser of this one would probably be the lucky one, the Winner would simply advance themselves for a savage beating.
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It would take hatton too long to get ready for this.


Would he put his promoting on

The back-burner while he got ready, I don know.


It would be nice to see Ricky fight with billy in his corner one last time......but that's just my heart

Saying that.


My head says rickys done and should steer well clear of this.

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if both fighters pass a good physical and are ready, i have no problem with this fight. it strikes me as having the right styles for a fun as hell fight. here are two darned good/great champions in a position to make good money against one another. i don't see either fighter as a danger to the other (in terms of serious injury like nearly everyone saw maidana/morales).

so i say, with the right undercard, why not? two name fighters who can draw viewers, get the right guys on the undercard and it's great exposure and money for all involved

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