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The things you love about boxing?

Joe Ko

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The courage

The will to win

The never give in

the sportsmanship

The camaraderie

The skill

The atmosphere

The big night out

Being with mates that know their boxing

The matching of 2 boxers of equal ability

& so much more


Awesome list, I will use some of these.


Anyone wanna do there own video (very easy), Im adding my own stuff that I like. Some other youtube users might do it aswell

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even matches


the story of certain fighters of major matches


when something unexpected happens (this is boxing)


fighters with great personalities, such as the brash type. it makes you want them to lose and gives his matches an added flavour.




fighters that go to war


unification fights


when the best fight the best

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I like the fact that boxers are as a general rule very approachable and pleasant people. I've met a few boxers but not enough to really gather an opinion. But, i talk to a lot of Americans online who go to the HOF each year or several boxing cards a year etc and they back up those words.


They tell me they're approachable, laid back and very receptive towards fans presumably because they're not in the most fame filled sport. You could be the most talented boxer in a certain weight class but it could still be very unlikely that you'll be famous nationwide. So they enjoy the small level of praise they do get.


I could hazard a guess and say perhaps one of the reasons they are quite so laid back is because they get to take out life's anguish/stress on opponents and in sparring whilst many other humans who are perhaps not quite as laid back, cannot do so.


So i suppose i would say i like boxers as a general rule. I like the fact boxing allows boxers to release the build up of everyday stress. Boxing is also a great way to stay in shape. It provides a place for young kids to channel their aggressiveness in a positive way rather than in fights on the street. It teaches discipline and gives the boxer great self confidence.


It really is a good sport.

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