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Selcuk Aydin Calls Out Victor Ortiz:


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Mandatory Challenger Selcuk Aydin Calls Out Victor Ortiz: "I Hope He’s Man Enough To Fight Me"


WBC Silver welterweight champion and mandatory challenger Selcuk Aydin wants to fight the new WBC world champion Victor Ortiz immediately. "I congratulate Victor Ortiz to his victory and I hope that he is man enough to fight me", says Aydin. "Ortiz should not forget that he only got his shot at the title because I stepped aside from my mandatory right to challenge Berto. Berto knew exactly why he didn’t want to fight me. He knows how strong I am and that I would have beaten him. He thought he would have better chances against Ortiz. Now I can only hope that Ortiz doesn’t run away from me like Berto did over the past two years."


Selcuk Aydin is the mandatory challenger for the WBC welterweigt championship since beating Jackson Osei Bonsu in a final elimination bout in July 2009. Because Berto refused to fight him Aydin agreed to fight for the Silver championship in June 2010 beating previously unbeaten Ionut "Jo-Jo Dan" Ion in a very close fight in Istanbul to confirm his mandatory challenger status.


"We hope that the WBC calls for the mandatory defense immediately", says promoter Ahmet Oner. "There has been no mandatory for the WBC welterweight title since January 2009. Selcuk has been patiently waiting for his chance for almost two years now so it’s about time that he gets the title shot he deserved by beating Jo-Jo Dan, Jackson Bonsu and Said Ouali who were all top rated contenders at the time Selcuk beat them. We are convinced that he will beat Ortiz as well."


Victor Ortiz stripped the WBC welterweight belt from Berto last Saturday with a stunning performance in a "fight of the year" candidate. "I know that Ortiz is strong and looked excellent last weekend but I also know that I am stronger" says Aydin. "My determination and willpower will be too much for him. I should have been the man to win the title from Berto but now I will be the man who beats the man who beat Berto. I don’t care who my opponent is as long as I get the title fight I worked for my whole life. I can’t wait to get my hands on the gold and gree belt."



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The original idea behind the Interim Belts was that they'd lead to a fight with the regular Champ at some point, but the Orgs have been operating as if it was a second Championship and I'm willing to bet that the WBC (in this case) will make no effort to force Ortiz-Aydin :(


Thankfully the IBF seems to have avoided them and the WBO have rarely used them, sadly the WBA have 11 active interim champions =/ the WBC don't seem to be too bad with them though this is an annoying situation, as was the whole Zbik reign...

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Selcuk Aydin has earn't his chance and should be up next for Ortiz. It's a good fight for both guys too as it gives Aydin his title shot and provides Ortiz with a winnable title defence rather than throw him in against an elite fighter who could dethrone him in his first defence.
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