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Difficult decisions


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After all the controversy surrounding the build up to the fight between Amir Khan and Paul McCloskey we are dealt another blow with a controversial ending to the contest. After a fairly one sided first half of the fight the fight was stopped in the 6th round by the ring doctor declaring McCloskey unfit to continue due to a cut above his left eyebrow caused by an accidental clash of heads.


Questionably McCloskey was not given the opportunity to see out the round and allow his corner to work on the cut, at the time of inspection the cut was not bleeding heavily and McCloskey whilst having lost every round still had opportunities in this world title fight and we must question the Doctors’ decision to call a halt to proceedings in such a high profile fight. Would this fight have been stopped if the roles were reversed and it was Khan was the victim of a cut? It seems doubtful.


Read More: http://ringnews24.com//index.php/blog/35-demo-content/17398-difficult-decisions.html#ixzz1JsHbq9Q9




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it wasn't the fairest of stoppages, but it wasn't the worst either. mccloskey had a bad cut, but hadn't shown much to that point to suggest he was making a comeback. were i a trained referee and all that, i like to think i'd have given the corner a chance to fix the cut, but if mccloskey didn't show anything in the 7th, i'd have stopped it
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