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CODA New Sanctioning Body


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Doesn't everyone get the benefit of the doubt. It really appears that they are really trying to do more that just make an effort here.

It's work in progress and they have the deck stacked against them. I see IBO trying now theses CODA. Its people and organization like these that will one day make a difference bringing the sport to a unified commission.

I for one will not be skeptical about what they are trying to accomplish.


And if anyone deserves a hole in the head its the WBC, WBA, and the IBF!


I have only been following the sport for a few years now and not until I joined this site did I learn soo much from the guys that have been following for very long time.

I've learned enough to know when to give attention to something good in the sport and to something that is going to be a waste of time.

I have a good feeling about the organization I wish them the best.

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You don't unify anything by splitting it further. If they want to help the retired boxers' fund, great, but why set up yet another sanctioning body?


I think it is a great idea to promote their cause. Bring more attention to it.

Frankly, I have never heard of such an organization that is so heavily involved in helping retired boxers until I was roaming about in the matrix looking for matchmaking.

I know a lot that the org's are horrible, bad decision after bad decision after bad decision but what a people with enthusiasm and desire to make a change step up to the plate and make that change.

Where in the world would we be if it were not for people who are dynamic. The place would be stale, stagnate.

I feel that any time something promising comes out that we should collectively promote it.

Of course we do our research, by going straight to the source, asking questions, prodding if we have to, to understand their position and intentions.

We are very discerning and if we make a mistake, no big deal.

We as loving fans tried to better the sport. Even if in a minuscule way. We actually tried to make our beloved sport better.

I just refuse to sit on the side lines and complain about how bad things are without doing anything about it.

I believe in transformation, I believe it can be accomplished.

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If they want to help the retired boxers' fund, great, but why set up yet another sanctioning body?


I agree. If somebody wants to help out a cause then why not just help out that cause? Maybe by setting up a charity and doing charity events to raise money. Or maybe by promoting the boxer's cause around the country and making people aware, getting boxers on board, visiting gyms to get the word out there....


It seems to me this will just be another org who have good intentions today and when they find out how much money there is to be made those intentions will be replaced with bad intentions.

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The mission is admirable as you say. The sanctioning fees are low which is also good as those fees will always trickle down and be taken from the fighters, not the promotion.


That being said, using the Boxrec ratings is a fatal flaw. They are brutal. And don't even get me started on the IBO.....yikes.


With the entrenched sanctioning bodies you mention, its going to take a long time to make change by adding another organization without total reform.

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