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The repeated chances of Orlando Salido

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Whilst this site is mainly for previews of world title fights this weekly column is for something slightly different. Whilst it's still about world title fights in the sport of boxing it's a look at the problems of title fights, rather than just accepting the fights it's time to question them somewhat. This week we are looking at “the repeated chances of Orlando Salido”.


On Saturday Salido challenges Puerto Rican power puncher Juan Manuel Lopez for the WBO Featherweight title. Rather than doing a full out preview of this fight and somewhat advocating the fight taking place I'm actually really not a fan of the bout. Salido seems to be given more chances than almost any other fighter and has been a perennial challenger since 2004. In that time Salido has fought 5 featherweight title fights and holds a record of 1-3-0-1 in those fights including losing last time out to Yuriorkis Gamboa.


Salido's first title fight came in 2004 when he lost a wide decision to Juan Manuel Marquez, this was a fight for the IBF and WBA Featherweight titles. 26 months later and after 4 wins Salido would get a second chance to win the IBF title, this time against Robert Guerrero. Salido's 4 wins between fights had included a win over a debutant and a guy with a 1-2 record as well as wins over Rogers Mtagawa and Cesar Soto. Soto was going into the fight on a string of 7 losses and 1 draw in his previous 8 whilst Mtagwa was 3-2 in his previous 5 and 6-4-2 in his previous 12.


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