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Marquez: I Accept, Let's Fight!


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Rafael Marquez To Jhonny Gonzalez: I Accept, Let's Fight!


By Ernesto Castellanos, notifight.com


The former bantamweight and featherweight champion, Rafael Marquez, has learned that the brand new WBC featherweight champion Jhonny Gonzalez has mentioned his name for a possible first defense. And in such a situation Marquez said: "We are happy to fight. "


Rafael Marquez said that he is probably going to fight again on the June 4th undercard to the Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.-Sebastian Zbik middleweight clash at Staples Center in California.


"They could put me in there against Jhonny. It would be a great fight, a fight that fans would like to see - ending with a knockout because the two of us hit very hard," said Rafael said. "I'm ready. I don't want him to think that I'm ignoring him or that I'm not interested."


Jhonny returned back to Mexico last Saturday from a trip to Japan, where he knocked out Hozumi Hasegawa to win the WBC crown. Upon his arrival, he named Marquez as his possible next challenger.


Marquez is training a few days a week in the gym with his coach, former world champion Daniel Zaragoza.




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