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Boxing can return to The Royal Albert Hall


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Knockout blow for locals trying to stop boxing at Albert Hall


by Rashid Razaq


Residents living near the Royal Albert Hall lost a court battle today to stop boxing and wrestling returning to the venue.


People living in Albert Court in Consort Road, South Kensington, claimed bouts in the past had been followed by serious disturbances, and new ones would attract unsavoury elements and lead to noise and anti-social behaviour.


The Albert Hall has hosted fights featuring Henry Cooper, Frank Bruno, Nigel Benn and Lennox Lewis. There have been no such events for some 10 years, but in 2009 Westminster council gave licensing approval for more. Albert Court Residents' Association objected and last year a High Court judge ruled the council had failed to comply with consultation rules.


But Westminster successfully challenged the ruling today. The Appeal Court heard letters about the proposed change had been sent to residents. The judges said locals would be able to apply for a review of the licence if the sporting events did lead to nuisance and disorder.




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Sounds fair enough. Give the fans another crack at watching fights at the great venue and if it does become too disturbing then don't continue. I think this is probably a case of some snooty locals (very affluent area) not wanting the working classes walking on their patch. Well, firstly, i'm sure these events are held at the weekend so what would they have to complain about exactly? Secondly, there are 7 billion people on Earth. There's going to be a bit of noise now and then.
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