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Why isn't Lupe Pintor in the International Hall of Fame?


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AUTHOR'S NOTE ; Today (4-13) is Lupe Pintor's birthday. Happy Birthday Champ ! Hopefully one day you will be enshrined in Canastota.


This is a story that you may say is regrettable. You may say it is sad or that it is a simple oversight. Or you may call it what it is, a travesty! If you look at the credentials of Lupe Pintor it is plain to see that they far exceed those of some that are enshrined in the I.B.H.O.F. This is a proud warrior who should have been inducted years ago but sadly he sits on the outside looking in.


Read More: http://ringnews24.com//index.php/history/15834-why-isnt-lupe-pintor-in-the-international-boxing-hall-of-fame.html#ixzz1JRDPftwp

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He deserves great credit for beating Carlos Zarate and he also beat numerous other very good fighters. I'd certainly say he's a borderline entry at the very least. There are worse fighters in the HOF and many more who deserve to be in as much or more than Pintor does.
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